Holiday Programme Enrolment

Our opening hours are 7:30am – 6pm Monday to Friday. Holiday programme activities will run throughout the day.


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All new activities and full detailed planning is done for every day of the programme, which parents are welcome to view on our website. Or email us and we can forward you our programme plan for the upcoming holidays. Your child will want to be with us every day, all day!!! See quotes and photos on our website to see how true this is.

Holiday dates are as follows:

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I / We give permission for my child/ren to be photographed whilst at Busy Bumbles and for the photos to be used on Busy Bumbles facebook page, website and/or advertisements.

I / We give permission for my child/ren to use their scooter whilst at Busy Bumbles and will provide any safety equipment, such has a helmet, if I deem it necessary.

I / We give permission for my child/ren to be transported by the Busy Bumbles vans and/or registered bus companies.

I / We agree with the terms and conditions of Busy Bumbles digital agreement and give permission for my child to use their electronic device when appropriate at Busy Bumbles.

I / We agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined on the website.

I / We apply for a place in the Busy Bumbles Programme.

If you haven't received confirmation within 24 hours please contact

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