Before & After School Care


Health & Well-being

BB's has a focus on children's health and well-being. Our new weekly planning  has an active component, science and crafts. Also, time each afternoon for 'teambuilding/well-being' activities, as well as our usual free homework sessions.



Busy Bumbles takes pride in offering a stimulating programme that caters for the needs, interest and abilities of all primary aged children. We provide age appropriate activities and resources that will allow your child to learn and grow while encouraging higher achievement. Planning and reflection of a high level is done weekly to ensure your child thrives in the activities and games that we organise. Our main priority at all times, is to ensure your child is having loads of fun and enjoying being with us! No activity is compulsory and we constantly seek feedback from the children to make sure we are running a programme that they love.

A typical morning in Before School Care

7.00am - 9.00am

A typical afternoon in After School Care

3.00pm - 6.00pm


BreakAway Space Year 5’s and Over

We have a screened off area specifically designed to cater for our Year 5’s and over. This area is set up at all venues and is only for our Year 5’s and over. They have a huge box of resources aimed at older children and a separate rewards incentive which includes various $20 voucher rewards. You can find photos of this in action on our facebook page.

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