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"To create a place of security, happiness and trust where parents can send the most important thing in their lives; their children."

We provide a high quality before and after school care programme plus holiday programmes, on-site at primary schools.

We also offer free optional supervised homework sessions for primary aged children between the hours of 3-6pm, Monday - Friday.

This quality care contributes towards your child's educational and personal development. We have highly visible signage at each school to ensure we are easy to find.


As well as quality before & after school care & holiday programmes, Busy Bumbles also offers quality homework supervision to help make life easier for busy parents and caregivers.

By using our homework service, you will be able to collect your child from the programme and all 'work' is done. This means you will have more time when you get home to spend with your child, as opposed to battling to get homework completed in the middle of cooking tea, bathing and the many other chores we have to do in the evening!

Any comments or instructions for completing your child's homework are always gratefully accepted and we will work with you to ensure you are totally happy with the amount and standard of work that we are assisting them with.

Rebecca Macey

Busy Bumbles was established and is run by Rebecca Macey, a working mother of two who recognized the need for after school care of a high quality that enabled parents to return to full time work feeling happy with the level of care their child was receiving.

Rebecca has over twelve years teaching experience, an Education Degree, a Post Graduate in School Management and was second in charge of a private school before setting up Busy Bumbles. She is a high calibre teacher who has particular strengths in behaviour management. She also excels in creating a warm friendly environment for children to strive in. In preparation for setting up this business, Rebecca has completed a comprehensive first aid training course, health and safety training and numerous business courses.

With Rebecca's expertise, knowledge and commitment to providing parents with a high quality service, Busy Bumbles is enabling parents to return to full time work with peace of mind that their child is being cared for by experienced carers who are trained, passionate and professional.

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Busy Bumbles is CYF and OSCAR approved which will enable families to access WINZ/OSCAR subsidies.

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