9th November

To whom this may concern,

My daughter Micayla has been attending Busy Bumbles since last year. To my family Busy Bumbles has been nothing less than a God send.

Before my daughter started with Rebecca’s team at Busy Bumbles she was unsettled, unhappy and every day was unpredictable. I worried constantly “is my child was happy and well looked after”. To say the least prior to Busy Bumbles it was stressful for both Micayla and I. I have found Busy Bumbles make our lives so much easier. I really cannot sing their praises enough.

I am a working mother of two who has utilised several different child care facilities in both Auckland and Christchurch over the last 15 years. I would say without a word of a lie Busy Bumbles are the best I have been involved with. The whole process with Busy Bumbles was stress free. The enrolment procedure was detailed but also quick and easy. Micayla was made to feel welcome and comfortable. The Busy Bumble ladies were easily accessible to discuss how Micayla was settling in. I have found them are very proactive and always helpful. Most importantly I noticed the difference in Micayla straight away. She’s loves all of the ladies and she not only loves attending she is excited about going. She is happy and you can see she enjoys being at Busy Bumbles.

I have noticed many differences between Busy Bumbles and other child care providers I have used. Firstly I have been surprised with the difference in the attitude of the staff. Not to say that other providers’ were ever less than competent, but I think it more apparent that Rebecca and the other ladies have a genuine love of what they do. This is not just a job to them and this is obvious. They not only provide a safe environment but a happy productive one also. The children are never bored. Every day I arrive and see all of the children, if there be 10 or two, working away at a project or playing a new game, or making something special and each lady is happily assisting in each activity. The ladies make each child feel special. I have to smile when I collect Micayla and she looks up and says “do I have to go now?”

For a working parent who cannot always be there having someone there for your child who keeps you well informed is priceless. Busy Bumbles is brilliant and I have, and will continue to, recommend them to everyone I know.


Kirsty Roberts

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